Chronicle columnist Chip Johnson this morning (Sept. 1) added his voice to those who are questioning the decision of Berkeley Daily Planet editor and co-owner Becky O’Malley to run an anti-Semitic commentary headlined “Zionist Crimes in Lebanon,” which has outraged Jewish leaders and rabbis. [See PPC entry on Wednesday, “Editor wants public meeting with critics.”] Johnson interviewed people on all sides of the controversy including O’Malley, who is refusing to apologize. Johnson concludes, “There are ways to discuss any issue in any nation in the world in the editorial pages of newspapers, but surrendering editorial judgment for the sake of stirring a heated public debate can backfire, as it did in this case. Instead of arguing the merits of a laughable article, people are questioning the judgment of an editor who would publish it.” [Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, Aug. 25: Jews cry foul as Berkeley paper runs anti-Semitic op-ed]

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  1. The Berkeley Daily Planet isn’t so much a newspaper as it is a political phamplet. Becky O’Malley slants all of the stories to fit her political views — which is to get her faction into power. Berkeley isn’t served very well by this faux newspaper.

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