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Stats on women in the newsroom

Bay Area Business Woman Online offers the following statistics:

• The Chronicle has 32 female and 60 male managers. Of the top 10 editors, half are women. And in the last three years, six of the seven assigning editors hired were women.

• At the Mercury News, women represent half the managing staff. Even the paper’s sports editor is female, which is a rarity. “It is an enormous improvement from the past 10-15 years,” says Executive Editor and VP Susan Goldberg (pictured).

• The American Society of Newspaper Editors reports that men accounted for more than half of newsroom copy editors, reporters, and photographers. Women held more than a third of newsroom supervisory positions.

• According to the Radio-Television News Directors Association, women comprise 25.2 percent of television news directors and 20.4 percent of radio news directors.

The statistics are contained in an article by Lori Hope and Julia Dodge on women managers in the newsroom.

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