Freelance photographer and blogger Josh Wolf (pictured), who was supposed to return to federal prison today for failing to give authorities a videotape he shot, received a 48-hour reprieve, the Chronicle is reporting tonight. Attorneys for Wolf, who has already spent a month behind bars before being released on bail Sept. 1, had hoped to keep their client free while he appeals the case. They plan to ask the full Ninth Circuit appeals court in San Francisco next month to review the case and may also take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, according to the Chronicle. Wolf, who photographed a 2005 anarchist protest in San Francisco and sold footage to local TV stations, is refusing to honor a grand jury subpoena to turn over the rest of the tape. California’s shield law for journalists would normally allow a photographer to ignore such a subpoena. But prosecutors argue that since a portion of a police car damaged in the protest was funded with federal dollars, the investigation should be carried out by federal authorities, and the federal government doesn’t have to abide by state shield laws. [Huffington Post blogger Anthony Lappe sits down with Wolf for what both thought would be Wolf’s last meal before prison on Monday night]

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  1. why is this tape so important to the federal government? or is attorney general gonzales just trying to make a point to the media?

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