The Marin Independent Journal has been handed another setback in its quest to obtain the salaries of county govenment workers. First, the county supervisors refused to release the salaries and then changed their minds. Now a union representing the county’s 300 management employees has convinced Judge Michael Dufficy to block the release of the salaries of all 2,100 county employees to the newspaper, the IJ reports. The IJ’s attorney, Roger Myers, is considering an appeal. A suit the Contra Costa Times filed against Oakland for refusing the release the salaries of employees who make more than $100,000 is pending before the state Supreme Court. The Coco Times won at both the trial and appellate levels against heavy opposition by public employee unions. The unions argue that salaries should be private. Proponents of disclosure say the taxpayers should have the right to see how their money is spent and having actual salaries for individual employees will prevent political cronies from popping up on the public payroll.

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  1. The big reason why labor doesn’t want these salaries disclosed is that when the public sees that janitors and food service workers are making $100,000 a year, they’re won’t be much sympathy next time a union wants to strike.

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