With Hewlett Packard furiously attempting to get its spying scandal off the front page, former CEO Carly Fiorina (pictured) is about to begin a book tour to promote her 336-page memoir, “Tough Choices.” The Times of London says the book will include Fiorina’s public firing, which was instigated by Patricia Dunn, who was forced to resign as HP chairman on Friday. Dunn hired investigators who obtained the phone records of seven board members, nine journalists, two HP employees and those people’s family members. The investigators planned to put spies in the San Francisco newsrooms of the Wall Street Journal and CNET. On the book tour, it’s possible Fiorina will be asked whether HP investigators spied on people during her tenure and what she thinks of Dunn’s actions. The Times said: “As one of the most famous women in American business, Fiorina’s book would have gathered widespread interest before the fracas. But now she is a very hot property.” Fiorina is lined up for all the big TV shows before the official release date of Oct. 9 including an Oct. 8 appearance on “60 Minutes.”

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