Elizabeth Corcoran (pictured), a senior editor with Forbes’ Silicon Valley Bureau, says in a commentary: “Hewlett Packard has my number. Not only my work and cell phone number, but probably also the numbers of my father, the nanny of my son’s best friend and a host of others. My husband, George Anders, works for The Wall Street Journal. He was one of the nine journalists targeted by private investigators hired by HP to figure out who was leaking corporate information to the press. For us, the story has gone from weirdly funny to downright creepy as more details have emerged. Ultimately, there are going to be quite a few casualties from this hit-and-run demolition of HP’s ethical standards.” She notes how companies have become more aggressive in plugging leaks and the result is that journalists and their sources have little or no privacy left. She writes: “Zero privacy — and zero trust. These are poignant legacies for HP to give to the Valley.”

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