KQED’s management is sending out letters this week asking its 190,000 members to vote on a bylaws change that would eliminate direct election of board members and shift control of the stations to a self-appointed board, according to the Bay Guardian. The newspaper quotes KQED spokeswoman Yoon Lee as saying the change comes in the wake of the station’s merger with KTEH 54 in San Jose, and is aimed at simplifying operations at the stations. Cost is also a factor — board elections cost $250,000. The Bay Guardian link is to an editorial by that newspaper. We haven’t been able to find any stories in the newspapers about this change. Nor is there any information on the KQED Web site about this proposal to do away with board elections. It would appear that if this proposal is approved, the current board would have the sole power to elect successors to those who depart the board. Here’s a link listing the current board and senior staffers of KQED radio and TV.

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