The San Francisco Examiner has opened new editions in Washington and Balitimore, and residents in Balitmore are upset that they can’t stop the free tabloid from being thrown on their lawns, according to an alternative weekly in Baltimore, City Paper. Some residents have threatened lawsuits or pretended to cry when they called the newspaper in an attempt to stop delivery. Some have even put up signs (see photos). “One of the most difficult things we encountered — and this has happened in San Francisco and D.C. — is getting stops stopped,” circulation vp Michael Phelps told CityPaper. “Part of the problem, he says, is carrier turnover; another is that some carriers are delivering the papers in the dark.” One man who says his daughter slipped and fell on an Examiner while walking school is now printing signs to tell Examiner drivers not to deliver. He is passing them out free to anyone who wants them. The Examiners, which have a right-wing political slant, are owned by Colorado billionaire Phil Anschutz, whose wealth is listed at $7.8 billion by Forbes Magazine.

SF Press Club News,


  1. This is a big problem in San Francisco. I’m surprised no other paper has written about it. Doorways all over the city are clogged with unread Examiners, still in their plastic wrappers. The Examiner is very unpopular anyway after the Fangs abused it for their political purposes and now its conservative bent. So I think most people wouldn’t read it even if it were put into their hands by the carrier.

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