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Arrest warrants issued for 5 HP figures


BULLETIN, 3:22 p.m., Oct. 4 — Bay City News is reporting that arrest warrants have been issued for former Hewlett Packard chairwoman Patricia Dunn, 53, (pictured), former HP “ethics officer” Kevin Hunsaker, 41, and private investigators Ronald Delia, 56, Matthew Depante, 26, and Bryan Wagner, 29. They were charged in connection with a scandal in which HP obtained phone records of its board members, nine journalists, two HP employees and the families of those people.

Dunn provided private investigators with personal identifying information of other HP board members, which the investigators then used in pretexting to obtain the board members’ phone records, according to court documents filed today in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

“The telephone records were accessed by impersonating the legitimate customers without the customers consent or knowledge. Delia and Dunn were aware of the techniques ARG (Action Research Group, a private investigation firm) used to obtain the

All five are charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, illegally copying computer data and using personal identifying information without authorization, all felonies.

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