Nobody in management is talking about why Leslie Griffith has been missing from the KTVU Channel 2 “10’O Clock News” for more than a month now. She’s still mentioned in the opening credits and station promos. Her name hasn’t been removed from the KTVU web site. All of which has caused a lot of rumors both inside and outside of Channel 2. Station General Manager Tim McVay told the Chron’s Matier & Ross that she’s on a leave of absence and that she will return Oct. 27. As for what triggered her sudden departure, there have been lots of rumors, but McVay isn’t saying. “As far as leaves go, they are confidential matters and Leslie has privacy rights, and I want to honor and respect that,” McVay told Matier & Ross.

Contra Costa Times TV writer Chuck Barney wrote about Griffith’s leave of absence on Sept. 29, and his spin was that the station might be trying to terminate her contract. “Griffith does have three years remaining on her KTVU contract and has expressed over the past year some disillusionment with the state of the broadcast news industry,” Barney wrote on Sept. 29. “She also has repeatedly said she might be willing to pursue other interests. At that time, Sept. 29, KTVU’s McVay was saying that Griffith would be back within a week.

“The situation recalls another anchor mystery at KTVU,” Barney wrote, “In March of 1998, Elaine Corral abruptly resigned with an on-air announcement that took her co-workers by complete surprise. She and management refused to discuss the matter, which was widely believed to be connected to Corrals desire for a pay increase and more responsibility on the newscast. Corrals replacement? Leslie Griffith.”

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  1. I met Eline whn we wwere seniors at Westmore High School in Daly City. She was working on a college scholarship and told me she had had no time to do much dating. She did go with me to see Who's Afraid of Virginaq Wolff. I lost track of her until I saw her on Channels 2's News.

  2. I see Mark Ibanez is still calling Leslie names. try looking up his resume compared to hers. His jealousy has worked to destroy that woman for years. frankly, I’m sick of reading his comments. He’s sad.

  3. I enjoyed The 10 O’clock News for many years while living in San Francisco, where I had grown up and had Ms. Corral as my science teacher in junior high school (she was good to all of us, and a terrific teacher, too). It was great to see her success on the news, shortly thereafter! However, over the years I had noticed that there seemed to be unmistakable tension between Dennis Richmond and Elaine Corral as well as with Dennis Richmond and Leslie Griffith. It seems as though, maybe, Mr. Richmond could possibly be the culprit here. Both women, excellent in their jobs and successful were suddenly resigning their positions after 20 years with the station, both with 3 years left on their contracts and at 49 uears of age. Hmmmm.

    I wish both of these WONDERFUL women the very best, and no longer watch The 10 O’clock News.

  4. Elaine is pursuing an acting career, which was her original goal before she became a journalist.

    It was sad to see Elaine, a journalist of substance, pushed out of ktvu to be replaced by Griffiths, who’s the female version of Ted Baxter. It was too much to hope for that when fox took over that the newscast would retain its quality.

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