The Bay Area Radio Museum today (Oct. 13) announced the first group of inductees into the new Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. The museum said in a press release that the selections were made following a year of study during which input from broadcast professionals, fans and historians was weighed to establish criteria and nominees for enshrinement. Here’s the list of inductees:

    PIONEER ERA — Preston D. Allen, Ralph R. Brunton, Hugh Barrett Dobbs, Wesley I. Dumm, Edna Fischer, Fred J. Hart, Charles David “Doc” Herrold, Harrison Holliway, Colin B. Kennedy, Carleton Morse, Johnny Patrick & Helen Troy, Sherwood Patterson, Al Pearce, Rev. George W. Phillips, Glenhall Taylor and Mel Venter.

    MODERN ERA — Ken Ackerman, Ira Blue, Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins, Frank Dill, Tom Donahue, Jim Dunbar, James Gabbert, Al Hart, Pat Henry, Bill King, Jim Lange, Les Malloy, Dave McElhatton, Bill Moen, Gene Nelson, Jumpin’ George Oxford, Dr. Don Rose, Don Sherwood, Lon Simmons and Owen Spann.

The Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame will exist primarily on the Internet at, although a permanent exhibit is planned at the old KRE radio studios in Berkeley, which are being refurbished by the California Historical Radio Society (CHRS).

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