Chron radio columnist Ben Fong-Torres on Sunday (Oct. 15) wrote the obit for the old KFRC, which has dumped its oldies format for its new MOViN99.7 sound. Torres says the switch has generated the most mail he’s received since KABL-AM 960 became KQKE “The Quake.” Mike Preston, KFRC program director, told Torres: “There is a bit of an uproar … but the people who are discovering it — we’re getting passionate e-mail from them.” The new format is described by station owner CBS as “rhythmic AC” (adult contemporary) — “a blend of adult hits from the ’80s, ’90s and today.” Core artists include Janet Jackson, Prince, OutKast, Beyonce, Black-Eyed Peas and Mariah Carey. The format has succeeded in Seattle and L.A., and CBS wanted to be the first to institute it in the Bay Area. “We were in a footrace with a competitor to do this. So it had to be done in a stealth manner.” That explains why there was no advance promotion and why the on-air staff wasn’t told about the change in advance. As a result, on-air hosts Cammy Blackstone, Dean Goss and Sue Hall weren’t able to say good-bye to their listeners. KFRC is keeping morning newscaster Mark Nieto and veteran DJ Katie Mason. [PPC, Sept. 22: CBS Radio dumps KFRC’s oldies format]

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