Josh Wolf (pictured) today is spending his 57th day in federal prison for refusing to surrender a video he shot of a violent political protest in San Francisco. The Chron, in a 1,597-word story, notes that Wolf is on his way to becoming the longest-jailed journalist in U.S. history. The record holder is Vanessa Leggett, a Texas true-crime author who was jailed for 168 days in 2001 for refusing to identify her sources to a federal grand jury investigating a homicide. Much of today’s Chronicle story had been reported in August by the Bay Guardian, though it is reassuring to see it on the front page of Northern California’s circulation leader. What’s new is that Wolf’s attorney, Martin Garbus, is quoted as saying the footage sought by the feds doesn’t depict the crimes in question but features interviews with about 10 anarchist protesters who shed masks to speak into Wolf’s camera lens. If true, then it would bolster Wolf’s argument that the feds want his tape to identify anarchists as part of a crackdown on that political movement. Wolf repeated to the Chronicle his stance that he won’t surrender the tape because he doesn’t want to act as an arm of law enforcement. If he screened the video for the grand jury, he said, “They would say, ‘Do you know this person, or this person, or this person?’ They would then take all those people and call them into the grand jury, the same way the House Un-American Activities Committee did to create a list of Communists.” (Chronicle photo by Paul Chinn. Behind Wolf is the federal detention center in the East Bay city of Dublin.)

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