Chron editor Phil Bronstein (pictured) tells Publishers Weekly that his Sunday book section doesn’t have many ads from book publishers and it’s getting “harder and harder to justify something that has no ad support. … We continue to do it because we think it is important to the cultural community of the Bay Area.” Bronstein is quoted in a larger article about newspaper book-review sections, which are getting smaller or disappearing altogether. Former Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, who now heads Association of American Publishers, says “I’m always amazed they say you don’t see enough ads — but I don’t see too many ads for sports teams.” Bronstein says that if book publishers supported book sections “it would send a very good signal that they believe in their product.” Since the Bay Area is an extraordinary book community, he said, the paper intends to cover books “for as long as we can.” How long will that be? “I just don’t know in this environment,” said Bronstein.

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