Chron columnist Debra Saunders (her byline logo is at right), writing about last week’s Pete Wilson saga, says that SF is “very tolerant unless you hold the wrong opinion. Then the supes will try to get you fired.” Wilson, the KGO-TV anchor and KGO-AM talk show host, created a storm Oct. 10 when he criticized the decision of Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who is gay, to raise a child with Rebecca Goldfader, who is a lesbian. Goldfader delivered the baby a month before Dufty faces re-election. They plan to be co-parents while dating other people. Saunders zeros in on Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who led the effort to get Wilson fired on the grounds that gays were victimized by Wilson’s commentary. She says the problem with Ammiano’s analysis is that, in this case, “gays and SF supes are in power — and they’re trying to get a man fired for expressing views they don’t like. They clearly don’t appreciate the beauty of free speech: When you don’t like what someone says, you talk back. You don’t silence dissenters, unless you are afraid of what they say.”

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