Billionaire Denver oilman Phil Anschutz (pictured), who bought the San Francisco Examiner from the Fang family two years ago, is planning to launch yet another free daily newspaper in San Francisco, according to the SF Daily. The SF Daily says it was told by sources that the new paper will be known as the City Star and that it will look a lot like SF Daily. Examiner editor Jim Pimentel wouldn’t give a start date for the new paper, saying it would launch sometime this year. The SF Daily is owned by Dave Price and Jim Pavelich, who started the Palo Alto Daily News chain of free dailies in 1995 and sold it to Knight Ridder last year. The SF Daily started in May and has grown from 8 to 24 pages a day. (Photo of Anschutz courtesy of The Denver Post.) [PPC, May 3: Ex-Palo Alto publishers launch daily in SF] [PPC, Feb. 23: Anschutz went from Bay to Breakers to buyer] [PPC, July 24: Anschutz cashed in on Examiner archives]

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