UPDATE: The San Jose Mercury News lost 9.4% of its daily circulation in the last six months and 9.7% on Sundays compared to the same period last year, according to figures released this morning (Oct. 30). That brings the Merc’s circulation to 228,800 daily and 254,454 on Sunday. Across the country, the average newspaper’s paid circulation fell 2.8 percent on weekdays and 3.4 percent on Sundays during the period, the Newspaper Association of America reported today. Circulation VP David Rounds told E&P Online that the Merc has been cutting back on copies purchased by third parties other than readers (called “other-paid” in circ jargon), such as papers bought by hotels. Rounds said that the number of home-delivered papers actually increased during the period. Rounds also said the Merc is still feeling the effects of the newsstand price increase from 25 to 50 cents. [NYT: Circulation plunges at major newspapers] [PPC, May 9: Chron, Merc explain circulation drop]

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