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Shrinking newsrooms feeling stressed

A month before he was let go as editor of the Contra Costa Times, Chris Lopez told a gathering of Bay Area public relations professionals that “there’s a lot of stress in newsrooms as we shrink … There’s a lot of stress because we’re learning new skills. You can’t survive in my shop right now if you can’t collect audio with the story or you can’t produce Flash presentations.”

Lopez’s remarks came during a panel discussion Sept. 21 sponsored by the Public Relations Society of America’s newsletter The Strategist. Panelists included (from left) Lopez, Youth Outlook editor Kevin Weston, Schwarz Communications West Coast GM Gary Thompson, and journalis Dan Neuharth (son of USA Today founder Al Neuharth). Here’s a link to the entire transcript.

Here’s a couple of other things Lopez said:

[PPC, Oct. 20: Coco Times editor Chris Lopez ‘replaced’]

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