The election is proving to be a big money maker for local TV stations. Nielsen Monitor-Plus reports that there were 942,000 campaign ads on local TV stations across the country between Aug. 1-Oct. 15, and the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose market drew the third most ads, up 31 percent compared with 2002. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nieslen said the top markets are Tampa-St. Petersburg (19,730 units), Los Angeles (17,257), San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (15,768), Boston (15,556), Providence-New Bedford, R.I. (15,217), Columbus, Ohio (14,681), West Palm Beach, Fla. (14,534), Phoenix (14,172), Washington (14,028), and Green Bay-Appleton, Wis. (14,012). In California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger placed 4,895 TV units compared with distant challenger Phil Angelides’ 2,490.

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