The Examiner’s method of distribution — throwing newspapers on driveways and hoping somebody picks them up — has resulted in a lawsuit from a lawyer in Baltimore. The Baltimore Sun reports that attorney Joel L. Levin is seeking a temporary restraining order to stop deliveries of the conservative paper.

The Examiner launched in Baltimore in April. It is one of three Examiners owned by billionaire oilman Phil Anschutz (pictured) of Denver. Like the Examiners in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., the Baltimore edition is free and is thrown on the driveways of people who haven’t asked for the paper.

Levin said he has called The Examiner repeatedly to stop the paper from being thrown on his driveway. “There’s no way to get through to these people,” Levin said. “The girl who answers the phone says it’ll be taken care of, and it doesn’t work. Then they don’t call back.”

“It’s not just me,” Levin told the Sun. “A lot of people around me are very frustrated. There’s some irritation that we can’t control the paper.” In Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood, residents have put signs in windows warning carriers to stop leaving The Examiner, according to both the Baltimore Sun and the alt-weekly City Paper (which printed the photos above showing the signs people have put out in Baltimore attempting to stop the Examiner). “We have enough battles keeping our streets clean,” Keith Losoya, former president of the neighborhood association and a candidate for state Senate, told the Sun. “This periodical gets blown around and just adds to our trash issues.” [PPC, Sept. 30: Stopping Examiner delivery isn’t easy]

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  1. I worked at the Examiner. Calls are basically ignored. The paper is measured by stoppage then reported to the big advertisers as a well respected print medium and being read.

    They tell their advertisers that less then 3% of their readers opt out. That’s because you can’t! Call their advertisers if you want them to pay attention and stop your paper. Throw the paper at the advertisers doors. Those are the people paying for the upscale delivery. I bet you’d never see a paper again.

    Call the Examiner sales rep that handles the account you are going to call and complain to. Give the sales rep your address where you want it stopped. Watch how fast customer service reacts then.

    The ONLY thing the paper is concerned about is the advertisers not the (upscale) home owner readership. This is where this (New) newspaper model is completely and fatally flawed. It’s built on forced delivery to heavy retail trading areas built by census block data. Editorial is not as much a concern as to convincing large advertisers where the paper is being thrown. Readers are measured by the circ route. It’s smoke and mirrors and a Nazi like atmosphere within the organization. Employees are to ignore the obvious lack of response from the readership to advertisiers and only discuss the positive marketing materials data provided by the Denver headquarters.

  2. If you live in Carroll County, MD, share your unwanted copies of the Examiner by dropping them off in front of 225 N. Center St. or 55 N. Court St. in Westminster. By doing so, hopefully our elected officials will get the hint that something needs to be done.

  3. I have called the Examiner (Baltimore) numerous times to have them stop sending this worthless daily tabloid and to stop littering our neighborhood(s). It stopped for a while and then they must have hired a new dirver. Now not only do we still recieve this trash but the new driver stops her car at about ~3am and gets out and walks around talking on her cell phone while throwing it randomly around the houses.

    It is time to start collecting this litter and return it to its owner, as they seem to not be concerned with littering up our yards and neighborhoods. At first I was thinking of returning it to the office building in the inner harbor, but then I thought maybe the exectutive office/managment would best benifit if we dumped it in their yards. So far we have found this:
    web site which list some of the staff. We are thinking that Michael Barnum’s front lawn might be a good place to start. If anyone knows or could post his street address it would be much appreciated, as we already have quite a collection
    of excellent reading material just wating for him.

    Also if anyone knows the street address’s of any of the other Baltimore Examiner’s upper management , plesase post it, as we would like to “re-distribute” this high quality product to thier “affluent neighborhoods” as evenly as possible.

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