TV columnist Susan Young of the ANG Newspapers offers these words today about missing KTVU anchor Leslie Griffith:

    “Tonight marks the first night of sweeps … This would probably be a good time for KTVU-Channel 2 to plop Leslie Griffith back in the anchor chair, if only to explain where the heck she’s been since Aug. 22. The least KTVU could do is show us where the body is buried.

    “The situation of the no-show anchor has become ridiculous. Each weeknight on “The 10 O’Clock News” we hear either Dennis Richmond or subs Sara Sidner or Julie Haener casually say, ‘Leslie Griffith is off tonight.’

    “As the adage goes, it isn’t news when dog bites man. It’s news when man bites dog. Viewers have already said their good-byes to Griffith.

    “Rumors surfaced last March after a column by this newspaper’s The Grump went off on Griffith and prophesied that her days were numbered. Management was already unhappy with her, unnamed sources said. And having that column come out during some troubled times for Griffith sent her over the edge.

    “Both Griffith and the station have been quiet about her disappearance. As readers of this column have asked, why can’t the station just make an announcement?”

[PPC, Oct. 25: Reasons given for Griffith’s exit from Ch. 2] [PPC, Oct. 18: Griffith expected to leave Ch. 2 soon]

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