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Goodbye Danville, Hello Pleasanton

While Dean Singleton’s Bay Area papers are opening a “shared services” office in San Ramon, his papers based in nearby Danville, the daily San Ramon Valley Times and the weekly Danville Times weekly, are closing their downtown offices and will soon be operated out of Pleasanton.

“I liked having our newspaper right in the downtown in the hub of what’s going on,” Danville City Councilwoman Candace Andersen told the Contra Costa Times.

“This is simply a reorganization. It in no way means we’re abandoning the coverage of Danville or surrounding coverage,” said Contra Costa Times editor Kevin Keane, whose authority includes the Danville and San Ramon Valley papers. “We will continue to cover San Ramon and Danville as aggressively as we always have.”

MediaNews plans to sell the paper’s building, which is valued at $2 million to $2.5 million, according to a real estate expert quoted by the Coco Times in its story about the move.

Reporters for the San Ramon Valley Times and the Danville Times weekly will remain at the Danville office until the building is sold. After that, the staff will work out of the Valley Times headquarters on Spring Street in Pleasanton, Keane said.

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