On the air four hours a day, five days a week, there’s probably no other Bay Area TV anchor who gets more air time than KRON 4’s Darya Folsom, a Novoto resident who was profiled in this morning’s Marin IJ. “Cute, sexy, bright, articulate, funny and, by her own admission, loud, Novato’s Folsom, who is 41 and perhaps 5 feet tall, walks into a room and takes it over. If not always by volume, invariably by a presence that turns heads and stops conversations,” writes the IJ’s Don Speich. Besides her work on TV, Folsom has become a fascination to some on the Internet. In 2004, she did a full-body photo shoot for a cover article in San Jose Magazine, and the shots are all over the Internet. Several sites and blogs show multiple frames from her newscasts as well as comments from bloggers that are unseemly, Speich writes. (Marin IJ photo by Jeff Vendsel.)

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