We need to correct an item on this blog Nov. 15 that stated a story by World Net Daily claimed Fox News paid a $2 million ransom for two of the network’s employees, photographer Olaf Wiig and reporter Steve Centanni (pictured), a former Bay Area journalist. The World Net Daily story by Aaron Klein didn’t say that Fox News paid the ransom. It only says that money was paid to organizations such as Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees, but the source of the funds was not identified. Several news outlets jumped to the same conclusion as we did, and Klein has written a follow-up story in which he says he is “horrified people have falsified and misrepresented my article to attack Fox News.” Klein also says that since his original story was posted online, other sources have confirmed that money was paid by somebody to obtain the freedom of Wiig and Centanni. “As outlined in my article, the indications are the exchange was brokered by a government or political party since certain quid pro quos were reportedly made, such as assurances against further kidnappings of Americans,” Klein writes.

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