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New press club board elected

At the Peninsula Press Club’s Christmas Party some business was conducted. Members heard an annual report on the club’s activities, the board’s plans for 2007 and the results of the board election. Elected were:

Members were told that the club’s income for the year was $24,018.39, its expenses were $17,995.30 and the net was $6,236.28. Assets total $31,587.04. The scholarship fund totals $6,993.41.

Members were reminded to send in their membership dues form. It was in the last newsletter or can be downloaded here.

Activities for the year included:

Plans for 2007:

Outgoing President Michelle Carter told the members that the board is concerned about the number of high schools that have discontinued their student newspapers in recent years. She pointed out that most of the journalists in the room got their start on a high school newspaper. The board intends to meet with high school teachers and principals in the coming year to determine what assistance the club may provide in keeping these student newspapers going.

Board members thanked Carter for her service as board president. Darryl Compton was also recognized for his work as the board’s executive director, especially his work organizing the club’s annual contest.

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