John Gollin, publisher of the San Francisco Examiner’s new City Star, has resigned a month after the new free daily started. No replacement has been named. Billionaire oilman Phil Anschutz, who bought the Examiner in 2004, launched the City Star on Nov. 9 to undercut the San Francisco Daily, a free daily started by former Palo Alto Daily News owners Dave Price and Jim Pavelich in May. According to a report in the SF Daily, Gollin stopped coming to work shortly after the new paper started. At the time, Gollin denied rumors that he had been fired, and told the SF Daily he was undergoing minor surgery and expected to return to his post. Gollin has now left the paper for good, said Brian Underwood, head of human resources for the Examiner. A call to Gollin was not returned. Gollin had been at the Examiner for several years. Previously he was general manager of the Bay Guardian and before that worked for the Fang Family’s Independent. [Press Club, Dec. 5: War erupts in SF between 2 free dailies]

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