If you’re curious about what news coverage will be like if MediaNews and Hearst join forces, Bay Guardian publisher Bruce Brugmann (pictured) offers a glimpse in his blog, where he examines the coverage (or lack thereof) of his lawsuit to pry open the court files in the Reilly v. Hearst case. Reilly v. Hearst is the lawsuit in federal court in which San Francisco real estate developer and one-time mayoral candidate Clint Reilly is suing Hearst and MediaNews, claiming they are violating antitrust laws by jointly selling advertising and combining circulation departments. At the request of Hearst and MediaNews, all of the documents in the case are being sealed from public view unless they are already public documents. Normally newsppaers fight such secrecy orders in high-profile cases, but this time they’re barely reporting that such an order even exists. And Brugmann, who has been fighting the Chronicle for years, suggests this is what news coverage in general will be like in the future if the two companies start working together.

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