Robert Ovetz, left, says he was fired from his part-time teaching position at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco campus after questioning the school’s decision to halt distribution of a magazine produced by his students, Mute/Off. A spokeswoman for the 1,600-student school, Gigi Gallinger-Dennis, confirmed to the Chronicle that the magazine was confiscated, saying the class had distributed it without submitting it to administrators for review, but declined to discuss whether Ovetz was fired. According to the Chron, school administrators were concerned about possible copyright infringement and “potentially defamatory journalism” from a collage of corporate logos that was overlaid with the words “Organized Crime.” One of the logos was that of Goldman Sachs, which bought the school in 2006. The Chron quotes Peter Scheer of the California First Amendment Coalition as saying that the school has created a legal problem for itself by confiscating the student publication. “A school administration in the business of teaching how to express oneself ought to be more sensitive to freedom-of-speech issues,” Scheer said. (Chronicle photo by Frederic Larson.)

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