The Los Gatos Daily News was published for the last time today (Jan. 6), four-and-a-half-years after it was started. Dean Singleton’s MediaNews Group, which acquired it along with the Mercury News in August, plans to publish a new paper, the Los Gatos News, which will appear three times a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starting Jan. 12. A “Dear Reader” announcement that was signed “Los Gatos News Staff” stated: “The reason for the elimination of days is the simple fact that our newspaper pick-up rate and downtown traffic are much greater toward the end of the week than the beginning of the week,” the note said. The cover of Saturday’s final edition is at right. MediaNews also owns the Los Gatos Weekly Times, which will apparently continue to publish.

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  1. Los Gatos is the canary in the coal mine. Other newspapers in the bay area will die like these have. Singleton knows how to buy papers, but not how to run them.

  2. The paper is a compilation of garbage. They can call it anything they want; it will not change the yellow stains left by their editorial content,

  3. The story starts off with “The distinctive red boxes will remain the same, but the newspaper inside is taking on a different look.”

    I thought the Los Gatos boxes were tan?

    The Daily News is dedicated to covering local news, except when it comes to getting facts right, especially about ourselves.

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