In the stories about conservative KSFO-AM’s three-hour response to liberal bloggers, we were struck by the similar conclusions reached by Brad Kava of the Merc and Joe Garofoli of the Chron.

    Garifoli: “The controversy, fueled by liberal bloggers, showed the increasing power of new media to affect traditional outlets by going after their advertisers.”

    Kava: “The power of the Internet over other media seems to grow every day.”

Kava had some interesting observations about the show: 1. “[H]ow could Rodgers and crew make fun of Spocko for having a dumb, made up name, when they cohost with ‘Occifer Vic?'” 2. “How could Morgan say she wouldn’t get in the way of people’s right to express themselves and earn a living when she organized protests and boycotts of Michael Moore’s film?” 3. “[H]ow could Spocko and crew not acknowlege that most of the over-the-top humor of these hosts is no worse than that expressed by Howard Stern, Saturday Night Live or Jon Stewart, not to mention Bernie Ward or Ray Taliafero?”

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