In a three-hour special, conservative radio station KSFO-AM 560 today (Jan. 12) shot back at a liberal blogger named Spocko who posted audio clips of the station’s hosts allegedly comments he claims are “hate” speech. The hosts — Lee Rodgers, Melanie Morgan, Brian Sussman (pictured) and Officer Vic (Tom Benner) — said the audio clips took their comments out of context, and to prove it, they played longer clips that apparently put the remarks in context. “This blogger takes 20 seconds of my program, throws it on the Internet for all to behold, for newspapers to use, for television stations to use,” said Sussman, a former KPIX CBS5 weatherman. “I’m on the air 10 hours a week; he takes 20 seconds. I’m on the air 500 hours a year; he takes 20 seconds.” CBS5 was among the stations covering today’s three-hour special. KSFO said it has repeatedly offered Spocko a chance to participate in the broadcast, but he declined. The Chronicle, which interviewed Spocko but would not reveal his real name, called him a “communications professional” but not an employee of a competing station nor a former KSFO employee. As the Press Club reported Saturday, Spocko sent letters to KSFO advertisers asking them to listen to the sound bites on his Web site and then decide if they wanted to continue advertising. After at least two advertisers pulled their commericials, KSFO’s owner, ABC Radio/Disney, sent a cease-and-desist letter to Spocko and his ISP demanding that the soundbites be taken off the Internet because they violated the station’s copyright. The ISP pulled the plug on the web site, but other bloggers obtained the sound bites and posted them. The letter also seems to have propelled the dispute into a major news story.

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