San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom abruptly ended an interview and walked away when KGO ABC 7 reporter Dan Noyes asked him about a report in the Chronicle’s Matier & Ross column about his drinking. According to video on the ABC 7 web site, Noyes first asked Newsom a couple of questions about the beating of a group of Yale students in San Francisco and then asked for a comment on the column.

Newsom: “I thank you very much and that was a great cheap shot. You can’t help yourself. (Claps his hands.) You cannot. Just know, just know, for the record, it’s increasingly impossible to have a conversation with you because I don’t trust you.”

Noyes: “Mayor, it was out there. It was out there.”

Newsom: “So just know (snaps fingers) it’s not personal when I walk by you. Just send some other reporters, it’s gonna be a lot easier.”

The two got into it last April when Noyes wanted some answers about the city’s lack of emergency preparedness. At that time, the mayor told Noyes: “Dan you are seriously one of the greats … one of the great jerks of journalism.”

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