Four advertisers have dropped “Hot Talk” KSFO-AM 560 because of controversial comments made by the station’s hosts that have been circulated on the Internet by critics, USA Today reports. Previous stories had only identified MasterCard and Bank of America as advertisers who dropped the Disney owned conservative talk station. In addition to those two, the California chapter of the American Automobile Association pulled its ads from the Brian Sussman Show in September, USA Today says, and the state-run Michigan Economic Development Corp. dropped the station as well. “It’s hard to listen to those clips and not be offended,” Mike Shore, spokesman for the Michigan agency, told USA Today.

A blogger only identifed as Spocko posted sound bites of the hosts on his Web site and then wrote to advertisers, asking them to listen to the audio files. In December, Disney’s ABC Radio sent Spocko and his ISP a cease-and-desist letter claiming copyright infringement. Spocko then e-mailed the sound bites to like-minded bloggers, who have posted them on more than 500 web sites, USA Today reported.

Sussman (right) has apologized for calling Sen. Barack Obama a “halfrican” but morning host Lee Rodgers (left) said on a Jan. 12 show, “If you’re waiting for an apology, you’ll be waiting a long time.” Melanie Morgan (center), who is heard saying on one of Spocko’s sound bites that “We’ve got a bull’s-eye painted on [Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s] big, wide laughing eyes,” complained that Spocko was trying to take away her livelihood by circulating the sound bites to advertisers.

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