CalAware’s audit to determine if police agenices are obeying state open records laws has resulted in an usual lawsuit. A politically active retired Saratoga couple, Janice and Ronald Naymark, have sued seven police agenices operating in Santa Clara County, alleging that they have a long history of ignoring the public’s right to know. The suit, reported Wednesday by the Mercury News, is unique because the Naymarks weren’t denied any information by the various police agenices. Instead, their lawyer, James McManis, said they are acting on behalf of all county taxpayers, charging that their taxes are being used to enforce policies that violate state law. McManis says the suit was prompted by the CalAware audit. Defendants include police departments in San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos-Monte Sereno, Palo Alto and Santa Clara, as well as the CHP and Santa Clara County Sheriff. Also named are the heads of each of those agencies.

The Naymark’s complaint was posted by the Merc on MediaNews Group’s future regional news site,

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