CNET’s Charles Cooper is wondering why Silicon Valley couldn’t give a damn about Josh Wolf, the freelance videographer jailed for refusing to give outtakes of an ararchist protest he shot to federal prosecutors. “Considering the counterculture roots of so many who laid the foundation of this business, I expected to hear people weigh in,” writes Cooper, CNET’s executive editor for commentary. Cooper writes:

    “It’s not as if this crowd doesn’t know how to voice its concerns. When self-interest is involved, there’s no shortage of talking heads eager to bloviate. So it was that several stars from the high-tech firmament dutifully trooped to Capitol Hill last year when Congress debated Net neutrality legislation. No less a personage than Google CEO Eric Schmidt publicly lectured how those who understand such things need to educate government about the Internet’s role in society.

    “Probably a good idea, too. How about extending that noble concern to a disquisition on the Wolf case and the importance of free Internet journalism — practiced in a myriad of ways — in that same society?”

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