For the first time in 29 years, KGO-AM 810 isn’t the top rated radio station in the Bay Area. The latest Arbitron Arbitrends (via for listeners 12+ in November, December and January put KOIT in the top spot with a 5.7 share compared to a 5.5 for KGO. Third was KCBS 740 at 3.8, followed by KMEL (3.6), KSOL/KSQL (3.2), KYLD (3.2), KSFO (3.1), KDFC (3.0), KBLX (2.9) and KKSF (2.8). Such overall ratings are seen as a beauty contest but not particularly relevant to advertisers, who are more interested in demographics. In the 25-54 demo most valued by advertisers, KOIT was first followed by KFOG, KSOL, KGO, KBLX, K101, KISQ, KMEL, KRZZ and KKSF. All-News KCBS was 11th.

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