KCBS AM 740 afternoon co-anchor Jeff Bell (pictured) has written a book about his struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder called “Rewind, Replay, Repeat.” Ben Fong-Torres says in the Chron that the book is a fascinating read:

    “He knew there was something askew when he found himself fretting over a cabin cruiser that he may have bumped into while piloting his own boat. The cruiser was docked and seemed unscathed, but Bell found himself constantly returning to the dock, detouring from his work at KTVU in Oakland and KSFO in San Francisco, to inspect the boat, over and over again.”

After seeing several therapists, Bell discovered he had OCD, which he says is a biochemical disorder, and began taking steps to recover. Not only has Bell been interviewed by KCBS but by competitors, such as Armstrong & Getty on KNEW. The Web site Local2Me posted this interview. (Photo by Kenny Wardell via the Chronicle.)

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