KGO’s Pete Wilson wasn’t happy when he learned he might receive the San Francisco LGBT Pride Committee’s Pink Brick — a dubious honor given to those who are seen as opposed to gay rights. The LGBT newspaper The Bay Area Reporter said it called Wilson to get his reaction to the nomination. “I’m being nominated for expressing my opinion? I’m not allowed to express my point of view?” Wilson was quoted as saying. Then he reportedly said “no comment” and hung up.

Wilson, who has frequently stated his support for gay rights and gay marriage on his KGO-AM talk show, nonetheless ran into trouble last October when he criticized gay San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s plan to raise a child with a lesbian friend. Wilson called the situation a “travesty” and said the child deserves two parents who love one another, not co-parents who plan to date different people. Initially the city’s gay leaders called for Wilson’s firing. Then Wilson made a partial apology, and Dufty called off critics.

Also nominated is “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington who called co-star T.R. Knight a derogatory term for a homosexual. The Bay Area Reporter says members of San Francisco’s LGBT community will vote on who gets the award. Then a look-alike of the Pink Brick recipient will be publicly dunked on Gay Pride Day.

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