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Former Trib editor replaces Palo Alto editor

After 11 months on the job, Lucinda Ryan is being replaced as executive editor of the 55,000-circulation Palo Alto Daily News group by Mario Dianda (pictured), former editor of the Oakland Tribune. In January, Dianda was stripped of his job at the Oakland Trib and transferred by MediaNews to run the Pacifica Tribune, a weekly in San Mateo County.

This is the first high-profile move by Carole Leigh Hutton, who replaced Shareef Dajaini as publisher at the MediaNews-owned Daily News Group in January. Hutton was previously publisher of the Detroit Free Press and later a Knight Ridder vice president.

Ryan was hired by Dajani 11 months ago. They worked together at the weekly Alameda Journal. In January, MediaNews transferred Dajani to a job overseeing Jobs & Careers and other speciality publications.

Below is Hutton’s email to the paper’s staff:

(Photo from the University of Colorado’s J-school newsletter, which also carries a feature of Dianda, who graduated from CU in 1976.)

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