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Battle of the biggest, baddest I-Teams

A lot of reporters are trying to get an interview with Ruby Tourk, the former City employee with whom Mayor Gavin Newsom had an affair. The efforts of ABC 7’s Dan Noyes (left) to get an exclusive one-on-one were highlighted in the Chron’s Matier & Ross (middle, right) column.

In an e-mailed pitch for a sit-down, Noyes suggests it wouldn’t be in her best interest to talk to the Chron — “Do you really want to use the newspaper that has done so many favorable articles on Gavin and has ignored critical stories?”

M&R also quote a Noyes e-mail as saying:

When Noyes got a call from Andy Ross asking for a comment about his e-mailed pitch, the ABC 7 reporter posted all of his correspondence on his I-Team blog to show he had nothing to hide.

But where did M&R get Noyes’ e-mails? Their column doesn’t say. However, as Noyes’ blog makes clear, they came from Benefits Magazine’s Tim Gaskin, where Tourk once worked. Noyes sent Ross an e-mail after the column item ran saying, “Really curious why the source of the e-mails was not explored in your column – wasn’t it newsworthy to whom I was writing?”

SFist.com says the feuding shows “we have a little competition going between the two-biggest/baddest investigative teams in the city. Yes, it’s an investigative team catfight. Meow.”

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