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Fewer high school papers worries PPC

A sharp drop in the number of high school newspapers has prompted the Peninsula Press Club to explore ways it can promote student journalism. After all, many of today’s journalists got their first taste of the business on the high school paper. On Wednesday, Press Club board members met with high school journalism advisors and other educators. Suggestions that emerged from the meeting included:

The discussion also yielded reasons why high school newspapers are disappearing. Teachers said the move toward standardized testing means fewer “frills” in the classroom, such as journalism and art. Also, journalism teachers tend to be newer teachers who are less likely to want to take risks since they lack tenure.

The Press Club’s board plans to explore all of the suggestions listed above. The board is also interested in hearing from others in the news business. Contact executive director Darryl Compton.

One more note: The deadline for the Press Club’s annual high school journalism contest is March 31. Click here for more information. (Above are some of the winners of the Press Club’s 2006 High School Journalism contest. Photo by Erik Oeverndiek.)

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