Sources tell the Contra Costa Times’ TV writer Chuck Barney that KGO ABC7 doesn’t plan to renew the contract of Jessica Aguirre when it expires at the end of the year — and an Hispanic organization has launched an online petition drive urging the station to keep the veteran anchor.

“Jessica Aguirre has a track record of commitment to the Latino community and now it is time we show our commitment to her,” states the petition by the Oakland-based Centro Legal de la Raza. The group cites Aguirre’s Emmy winning work on child molestation and migrant worker stories. Her 6 p.m. newscast, co-anchored by Pete Wilson, is also No. 1 among English-language newscasts at that hour.

Aguirre isn’t talking, and neither is news director Kevin Keeshan, according to Chuck Barney. Noting that only a few months ago, KTVU parted company with Leslie Griffith, Barney remarked, “You’ve got to wonder if someone has declared open season on veteran female anchors.”

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  1. Jessica is a fine news anchor, period. Mr.Roger Simmons your comment “leave it to certain minority groups to make a stink” makes it seem like your racist. This country especially the bay area is built on diversity. Jessica has done a fine job over the years, so don’t let her ethnicity form your opinion.

  2. I have never found Jessica to be a very good anchor. Her voice is irritating and she can be very abrasive at times. Carolyn Johnson is lovely to look at, seems like a nice person and reads the news well. Rightly or wrongly, those seem to be prerequisites for being a good (and popular) anchor nowadays. Leave it to certain minority groups to make a big stink about it though!

  3. Three cheer to KGO the new anchor i hope the Job Carolyn Johnson is much better no small talk or bs that JA would partake in.

    Congrats KGO you got one more viewer.


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