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Journalism class has unique Web site

James Logan High School in Union City may have the only school paper whose Web site is updated 365 days a year, according to class adviser Patrick Hannigan. The Hayward Daily Review says that on days when there are no articles written by student journalists, students update the site by posting stories from other media outlets or items such as the school’s daily bulletin, which includes the lunch menu.

The school’s student newspaper, the Courier, began in 1959. But last year the print edition was retired due to printing costs. The online edition continues however, celebrating its first anniversary on March 20. More than 600 visitors log on to the site each day, on average, compared with about 70 when the site first launched. Last week, The online Courier recorded its 1 millionth online hit.

In a story about its first birthday, Courier staff writer Michelle Morimoto says, “Mr. Hannigan not only created an extra ciricular activity, but also a well needed source of information. At a campus as diverse and crowded as Logan, it is difficult to track down information. The Courier is a way for students to express their opinions and report on the news that the district keeps under wraps.”

The paper’s anniversary comes as both the Peninsula Press Club and the California Scholastic Journalism Initiative are examining the state of student journalism. The Press Club’s board is concerned that many high schools are shutting down their journalism programs. The California Scholastic Journalism Initiative is conducting a statewide survey (see second item) of middle school and high school journalism to derive an accurate picture of the condition of journalism in the schools.

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