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Chron columnist takes shots at colleague

Chron columnist C.V. Nevius admits on his blog that he didn’t like it when he was criticized by fellow Chron columnist, TV critic Tim Goodman, for a Feb. 8 column he wrote on the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

But now Nevius finds the tables have been turned, and a reporter from the SF Weekly is now calling to get his comments about his disagreement with Goodman. “I looked at the phone for a while before calling him back. Just how many ways could this go sideways anyhow?” Here’s what the SF Weekly eventually wrote.

The result is that editor Phil Bronstein has put out a memo saying that any Chron blogger who criticizes another Chron blogger should at least talk to that person first, before writing.

• Nevius’s original column
• Goodman’s blog in response
• Nevius’s blog about Goodman and the SF Weekly

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