KGO ABC 7 reporter Dan Noyes has a reputation of dogging Gavin Newsom. But he’s going to skip the San Francisco mayor’s latest controversy, Noyes’ boss tells the Chron’s Carla Marincci. The controversy (see photo below) stems from video Channel 7 shot of the mayor doing something to a Channel 2 microphone before a press conference at Laguna Honda hospital on Wednesday. “We have no idea where this came from — this is totally out of context for our very serious coverage,” Channel 7 news director Kevin Keeshan tells Marinucci. “That’s not the story we’re doing (referring to Drudge), and we’ve had nothing to do with that story or that angle … They read it into that and came up with those conclusions. It wasn’t posted for that purpose.”

Drudge posted this story in which he says:

    Print, radio and TV reporters at hand for a press conference were ‘suprised’ and ‘amused’ when Newsom grabbed the stick and briefly looked to be jokingly performing oral sex.

    One TV reporter tells the DRUDGE REPORT, “I was surprised he did that. I didn’t feel it was appropriate at all.”

    Prominent local blogger Beth Spotswood immediately wrote, “I think Channel 2 started it when they shoved their microphone so close to Gavin’s face that he pretended to blow it.”

Spotswood, after reading Drudge’s story, posted an apology at

    I’d never even READ the Drudge Report before. Christ, I didn’t even think that your simulating “oral sex” was THAT big a deal. Had I really thought you were getting busy with an inanimate object in front of a bevy of television cameras, I would have been too overwhelmed with debilitating lust to type a single word.

    Unlike the other people listed in the apparently “developing” Drudge report, I have absolutely no problem with you simulating anything sexual.

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  1. Good for Dan Noyes and ABC7 for sticking to the real story here. The rest of the media at that event should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to banter with the Mayor while he froze out one of their colleagues.

    And it’s not like Dan Noyes is the only reporter Newsom has ignored and disrespected. We here at GavinWatch have created a video compilation of the Walkaway Mayor walking away from reporter’s questions.

    Come on Peninsula Press Club, how can you let this guy get away with not answering serious questions and not even holding press conferences? Even George Bush has press conferences every now and then.

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