As part of his settlement with Hearst and MediaNews, Clint Reilly (left) got an unusual concession — a quarter page of editorial space plus a seat on the editorial board of a MediaNews Group paper of his choosing. Notice that he didn’t get the same concession from Hearst, owner of the Chronicle, which was also a defendant in his antitrust lawsuit. Perhaps that has something to do with the 1993 fight he got into with Editor Phil Bronstein in a newspaper conference room in which Reilly broke an ankle and then sued. But while Reilly is well known in San Francisco — he’s a real estate developer, ran for mayor once and has run political campaigns Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein — his name recogition might not be high in the other parts of the Bay Area where his opinion pieces will now be appearing. To define him for readers, the Merc’s Marry Anne Ostrom served up this profile in which he is described by one source as liberal “a child of the 1960s” and by another as having a “combative personality.” Above Reilly is seen moments before announcing the settlement of his lawsuit with wife Janet and attorney Joe Alioto, right. (Photo credit: Jeff Chiu, Associated Press)

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