KGO ABC7 anchor Jessica Aguirre is moving on, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences newsletter reports. It says both Aguirre and KGO declined to discuss the move, but Aguirre had been open about the station notifying her some weeks ago that it would not renew her contract when it expired at the end of the year. In March, when word leaked out that her future at the station was in limbo, the Oakland-based Centro Legal de la Raza launched a petition drive to save her job.

Aguirre was promoted to weeknight anchor in December 1999, replacing Terilyn Joe. From 1997 to 1999, she was the weekend anchor. She came to KGO in 1997 from KABC-TV in Los Angeles. Before KABC, she anchored at two stations in Miami. She tells the TV newsletter that she would like to remain in the Bay Area.

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  1. Jess, is awesome ….Just wish if they have such a professional, articulate woman with nice legs they need to show them more …Im a guy, what do you expect.

  2. Yes, she was professional and always well prepared, but I never liked her. She always came across angry, self righteous, and biased. Like a few of the other posters, I couldn’t click to a different channel–any channel–fast enough.

  3. I worked at a TV station in Miami back in 1992/1993 where Jessica was an up and coming reporter/editor.

    Abrasive? Check.
    Rude? Check?
    Pompous? Check.

    I was a member of the technical staff, and she had the nerve to scream at me for something I did that was part of my job (yes, a real pro she was) but that she just didn’t like. This was not uncommon. She’s no Leslie Griffiths…Farewell, Jessica!

  4. I often wondered if there was something amiss with Jessica Aguirre’s jaw. Like maybe she broke it or had an accident. I found it annoying to watch her mouth movements when she talked. I usually switched to another channel for news when she came on.

  5. I was really happy Jessica has left KGO. She always had some rude and abrasive comments to make to fellow reporters and looked like she was always angry. She should take a cue from Charlie Gibson and end on a good note by wishing everyone a good evening. I was so saddened by Pete Wilson’s death as he made the news interesting and how he tolerated Jessica is a mystery. He and Carolyn seemed a great team!

  6. I too was shocked to turn on ABC 7 News at 6PM after returning from vacation to find that Jessica was gone. It was Jessica, not Pete Wilson, that kept the 6 PM news alive. I will need to find a new evening news station. Good Luck Jessica!

  7. Actually, I think moving to NBC11 was a good decision for Jessica simply because NBC11 reports news of the South Bay with more details, and the anchors there Lisa Kim, Allen Denton, Diane Dwyer, and Raj Mathai, are all very professional. NBC11 is the #1 news station in the Bay Area, KTVU Fox2 is #2, the rest basically suck..

  8. Just realized that Jessica Aguirre is on Channel 11 — have been away for a while. Guess I won’t be watching Channel 7 anymore. The only reason I watched it was because of Jessica. Glad she is still here. I really find her delightful.

  9. Channel 7 you have made an awful decision not to renew Jessica Aguirres contract. I think she is a smart and classy lady and can speak eloquently yet she is down to earth. Her laugh is contagious and makes you feel as if she is a good friend. I will be watching channel 11 news. KGO has got to go….

  10. pete wilson seems to have won in the short term. we shall, however, forget about watching chl.7 local news. no excuses, abc, for your bad behavior in this instance.
    jessica aguirre does indeed appeal to educated, hi-tech, moneyed viewers – pete wilson is gauche and unsophisticated and totally without appeal of any sort.

  11. My husband and I both miss Jessica and wish her the best. She had that rare honest real-woman laugh. And she isn’t blond, always a plus.

  12. After being out of town for several weeks, what a shock to find out that Jessica Aguirre was no longer with KGO. She’s the only reason I tolerated Pete Wilson. I will have to watch her on NBC.

  13. Jessica is an absolute doll! love her laugh and sense of humor. Channel 11 is lucky to have her, see ya channel 7

  14. Jessica is awesome. Her piers are Diane Dwyer (ch. 11), Priya David (ch. 2), Sandhya Patel (ch. 7), Jeanette Pavini (ch. 5), Thuy Vu (Ch. 5), Daryl Folsom (ch. 4), Heather Donald (ch. 4) and Vicki Liviakis (ch. 4).

  15. Jessica Aguirre is a fabulous newscaster, ABC lost a treasure when they let her go. As for Pete Wilson, he is an inarticulate, unprofessional creep who adds absolutely nothing to the news! Losing Jessica was a tremendous loss!

  16. So happy I can finally return to my favorite local news station without having to be subjected to that nasal, intrusive, awful voice and homely face… couldn’t grab the remote fast enough whenever she appeared. Guess I’ll be abandoning NBC 11 as soon as she shows up there

    this guy sure is an idiot, wilson should have got fired not jessica and i hope kristen sze does not get the job she is waful….

  17. Jessica is very well spoken and fun! Can’t wait for the 18th @ 5 to see her beautiful face on the news again. Good choice channel 11.

  18. Jessica Aguirre is very beautiful and has the best laugh. It is a joy to watch such a classey smart woman! Channel 11 just hit the jackpot. Who needs channel 7.

  19. Jessica Aguirre is one of the best co-anchors KGO has had.
    I only wish KGO could get her back.

    It looks like now KGO is trying new anchors out. Just bring back Jessica.

  20. So happy I can finally return to my favorite local news station without having to be subjected to that nasal, intrusive, awful voice and homely face… couldn’t grab the remote fast enough whenever she appeared. Guess I’ll be abandoning NBC 11 as soon as she shows up there.

  21. My husband and I really miss Jessica Aguirre, to the extent that KGO-TV is now not the evening and night time choice of news stations. I hope the best for her and feel that it is KGO’s loss and Jessica’s gain. Some other station will grab this articulate, interesting, sensitive anchor. Let’s hope it is one of the other Bay Area or National news stations.

  22. Aguirre is far superior to any co-anchor on KGO-TV today. I think
    Wilson couldn’t compete with her any longer.

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