It didn’t take long for Jessica Aguirre to land a new job after management at KGO ABC 7 told her they would not be renewing her contract. Next month she starts at KNTV NBC 11, co-anchoring the 5 p.m. news. She’s no longer on the air at Channel 7 and her bio has been removed from the talent page on the station’s Web site. However, since her contract expires at the end of the year, she’s still drawing a contract from ABC 7 even though she’s going to work for NBC 11. NBC 11 hasn’t had a regular anchor at 5 p.m. for several months. The duties have been rotated among Scott Budman, Lisa Kim and Allen Denton. [May 8: Aguirre leaving KGO] [March 28: Group petitions KGO-TV to keep Aguirre]

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  1. That is so outrageous. Jessica is still hot, but more in a milf kind of way. Her 5pm has a lot of spontaneous moments, like when she’s navigating through her e-mail, that make her seem so exciting. Now that Priya David has moved on to CNN, Jessica really has no competition.

  2. I used to think Jessica was hot. She is tired and worn out. She is totally annoying as most news people are. They over dramatize when they speak. Its actually comical.

  3. Please take Jessica back! She is an annoying old lady…. and she looks like County Supervisor Blaca Alvardo, which is enough to make anyone sick!

  4. I’ve been a loyal channel 7 KGO fans for over 15 years. With the untimely death of Pete, the new male morning weather anchor who’s dry and corny, and now with the departure of Jessica, I have no interest in watching the show. Jessica is a staple in the Channel 7 family. I love her! Still do! Rock on Jess! I’ll following and support you by watching the new station…

  5. For many years, my family and I enjoyed watching Jessica and Dan light up ABC 7 News together. We got upset when we learned she no longer works there. We liked her very much, she’s a beautiful, intelligent, delightful anchorwoman, and we are looking forward to watching her again on NBC 11. The teamwork with Dan and Jessica was great, ABC 7 News will never be the same!

  6. to the evil person who made that comment about Pete Wilson, I hope you feel bad since his passing. It’s news people! The comments that some people are leaving???? Too much time on your on your hands……. GET A LIFE!

  7. I have to assume that person commenting on Jessica’s “slurring” must not be a sports fan because except for Raj and Daryl the rest of the sportscasters in the Bay Area (KGO,KRON and KPIX) are always misidentfying people in their sports coverage….NOW..thats annoying…”Bobby Zito had a rough game today…” Who is Bobby Zito?… Exactly!

  8. bad move! should have let Pete “Beady Eyes” Wilson go instead. I’m going to continue watching Jessica on NBC11.

  9. The one’s commenting here negatively about Jessica are obviously rednecks, who have nothing better to do but run there mouths. But really it’s ok, they just keep giving us more reasons why NOT to get along with them.

  10. I’ve now quit watching the 5:00 News on Channel 11 completely. I tried (honest, I have), but the new casual format, coupled with Jessica slurring and stumbling over her words has driven me up the wall. I swear, she can’t do one story without mis-pronouncing or completely butchering the English language. She just doesn’t enunciate. I’ll just have to switch back at 6:00 to watch Lisa Kim and Allen Denton. BIG mistake Channel 11…!!!

  11. Imagine my shock when I turned on NBC for the local news and Jessica Aguirre was on…my goodnes, I stopped watching ABC because of her; I’m hoping Lisa Kim gets more air time ’cause I don’t want to give up Brian Williams, but I could always watch KRON ’til he comes on!!!!

  12. the lovely and talented (not to mention HOT) Susan Siravo has moved on to become the spokeswoman for the Santa Clara Valley Water District … which probably pays better than Ch. 11 … her bio didn’t disappear entirely from the Web, however … the downside to her new job is that we only get to see her when there’s some sort of water emergency or need to ration water … maybe she’ll do PSAs … because of her switch, i’m abandoning bottled water and will only drink tap water from now on!

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