The lawyer for David Halberstam’s widow says UC Berkeley journalism graduate student Kevin Jones was reckless and negligent in causing an April 23 crash in Menlo Park that killed the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist, the Chronicle reports. Jones, 26, was turning left from Bayfront Expressway to Willow Road when his car, carrying Halberstam, was hit by an Infiniti Q30 that was headed the opposite way on the expressway. The Infiniti driver says he had the green light. Lawyer Martin Garbus said he’s blaming Jones because “of the way the crash happened,” but he wouldn’t elaborate. Police have sent the case to prosecutors without recommending charges against anyone. Garbus isn’t saying whether he’ll sue on the widow’s behalf. [April 23, Car crash kills Halberstam]

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  1. Fatalities like those of Halberstam and others who will die here should to be laid at the feet of those who designed this “expressway” – with dangerous at-grade intersections rather than grade separations. Post whatever speed signs you like a long straight 6 lane roadway like this coming off a major bridge you’ll get people driving at 65 or 70mph. Traffic signals are not meant to handle traffic traveling at these kinds of speeds. Stopping distances are just too great and fatal miscalculations are inevitable. BATA had the opportunity to build proper bridging or interchanges when they widened this “expressway” three or four years ago. They chose a cheap, and nasty and also dangerous solution of at-grade intersections and signals instead. Shame on BATA.
    Peter Samuel editor

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