CBS Radio yesterday moved its “Free FM” format from FM to AM yesterday, and brought back legendary oldies station KFRC, which will now be heard at 106.9 (Free FM’s old frequency). Seven months ago, CBS shut down KFRC (then at 99.7) and replaced it with the Movin’ 97, a rhythmic adult contemporary format featuring artists such as OutKast, Beyonce, Black-Eyed Peas and Mariah Carey. Dropping KFRC created an uproar among radio listeners.

CBS Radio is moving the “Free FM” format (Adam Carolla, Danny Bonaduce, Opie and Anthony and Tom Leykis) to KYCY-AM 1550. That station had been playing podcasts submitted by listeners. Next week MOViN 99.7 will change its calls to KMVQ-FM. The new KFRC 106.9 will continue to carry A’s games. No word yet on whether CBS will re-hire any of the KFRC talent who were fired in September such as Cammy Blackstone, Dean Goss or Sue Hall. So far, no live announcers have been heard on the station.

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  1. All I have to say is that I am so happy that KFRC is back! After that blunt cut-off with 99.7, it deserves to be back on the air!! I am so glad that oldies are back jammin! After all, we have too many contemporary stations on the air today.

  2. I extremely pleased to learn that KFRC returned to air with the classic hits format. Playing 60’sand 70’s music hits a demographic that seems to have been displayed recently- the baby boomers. The Bay Area is big enough to have AC, hip-hop, rap, heavy rock, country, free radio and talk radio stations. I hope the CBS brings back Cammy and Dean, Sue Hall, JoJo Kincaid and my favorite, Bobby Ocean to the radio waves.

  3. I’ll be first to say that I was incredibly disappointed to get off work, start my car, and suddenly hear “The Rolling Stones” streaming through my speakers. At first I figured that perhaps there was an odd technical peculiarity and that somehow, the local oldies station was jamming 106.9. But The next day, the same oldies were still playing.

    Upon visiting the 106.9 free fm station, I was shocked to discover that Free FM was being replaced with yet one more broken-record oldies station.

    106.9 Free FM was about the only entirely entertaining radio stations on the airwaves and it will be missed.

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